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English with Thai subtitles

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All Louisa May Foster (Shirley MacLaine, Two for the Seesaw) wants is a man to love and grow old with. But she keeps meeting and marrying men with a desire to strike it rich and a habit of dying soon thereafter. A spectacular lineup of Hollywood s legendary stars appeared in this delightful and romantic camp comedy, including Paul Newman (Paris Blues), Robert Mitchum (Man with the Gun), Gene Kelly (An American in Paris), Dean Martin (The Silencers), Dick Van Dyke (Mary Poppins) and Robert Cummings (The Chase). J. Lee Thompson (Kings of the Sun) directed this colorful comedy that is pure delight from beginning to its all-too-soon ending. What a Way to Go! was nominated for two Academy Awards including Costume Design for Edith Head s gowns worn by lovely Miss MacLaine and Moss Mabry s men s wardrobe worn by the legendary male leads. Shot in glorious cinemascope by iconic cinematographer Leon Shamroy (Prince of Foxes, Daddy Long Legs).


Director: J. Lee Thompson
Country: USA
Duration: 111 minutes
Year: 1964