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An important part of BKKSR mission is making our cinema accessible for Thai Filmmakers to submit their films for inclusion in our film program. This gives the opportunity for independent filmmakers to release their film in a cinema, reaching new audiences and receiving a share of the box office revenue. This program only opens for Thai citizen to support the filmmaking community in Thailand.

Information on how to enter:

  • There is no fee to submit a film.
  • Each selected film will receive 50% of all ticket sales, after the payment, web fees and VAT. This is payable after the season is complete.
  • Films submitted must have been produced within the last 6 years. Films in Thai language must have English language subtitle track and other language must have both English and Thai subtitle track.
  • Films require a duration between 1-3 hour, including credits. Films can be any genre, documentary, narrative or experimental.
  • All feature films screened publically in Thailand are required to be submitted to the Ministry of Culture to receive a classification and be approved for exhibition. This can only be done by the filmmaker, please allow enough time for this process. More information is available at http://www1.culture.go.th/subculture10/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=16&Itemid=21
  • To submit the film please filled out Submit Your Film form below, along with a private URL for BKKSR to view your film online. All submitted films for selection process can be done via online only.
  • Selected films need to be supplied in a digital format at 1080 or higher resolution up to 4k in quality, along with any of the film promoting material.