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8 November 2018 22 November 2018

Thai with English subtitles

🗓 Special Event Saturday 10 November
16:15 Hamezi Akeyrat’s 2015 film Ameen
18:00 Hamezi Akeyrat Director Q&A (Free)
18:45 Adam screening


A Hollywood director is kidnapped at gun point by a terrorist and testy cinephile who blames his films for spreading Islamophobia. If you think Muslims have no sense of humour, this irreverent, hysterical, unclassifiable crazed road movie will change your mind or even blow you away. Completely original and authentic, with many well-known faces clearly having a ball with the outrageous dialogue. Thai cinema has never seen anything quite like this before.


ameen posterAmeen 

‘Ameen’ is a must-see action filled drama breaking every cinematographic rule and movie norm. The first Thai action-drama of its kind , conveying a profound message in appreciation of the final Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH). This movie tears down stereotypes and tackles ensuing sociopolitical issues. In keeping with Islamic tradition, the movie is void of immoral attributes for sensationalism respecting the viewing audience. Starring award-winning actor Ray Macdonald, as Ameen. A mysterious man on a mission. A damaged memory leads him to a least expected path of self-rediscovery. In a northern village close to the Thai-Myanmar border he faces the Chief and his gang of criminals. Every decision would change his life and the lives of others forever.



About the film

Director: Hamezi Akeyrat
Country: Thailand
Year: 2018
Duration: 106 mins