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"If you've never seen Blow-Up, see it now" — New York Observer

1 September 2017 1 October 2017

English with Thai subtitles


This 1966 masterpiece by Michelangelo Antonioni (The Passenger) is set in the heady atmosphere of Swinging London, and stars David Hemmings as an unsmiling fashion photographer hooked on ephemeral meaning attached to anything: art, sex, work, relationships, drugs, events. When a real mystery falls into his lap, he probes the evidence for some reliable truth, but finds it hard to reckon with. Vanessa Redgrave plays an enigmatic woman whose desperation to cover something up only seems like one more phenomenon in Hemmings's disinterested purview. This is one of the key films of the decade, and still an unsettling and lasting experience. Based on the ebook, Las babas del diablo by Julio Cortázar (Tom Keogh)

"A prize '60s artifact, Michelangelo Antonioni's what-is-truth? meditation on Swinging London is a movie to appreciate -- if not ponder." - Village Voice

"This is a fascinating picture, which has something real to say about the matter of personal involvement and emotional commitment in a jazzed-up, media-hooked-in world so cluttered with synthetic stimulations that natural feelings are overwhelmed." - New York Times

"The natural world is arrayed against the artificial scene; conscience is deployed against convention. If you've never seen Blow-Up, see it now, if only to see what part of the world was like 40 years ago."- New York Observer


  • Cannes Film Festival 1967 -Won Palme d'Or
  • French Syndicate of Cinema Critics 1968 - Won Best Foreign Film
  • Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 1968 - Won Best Foreign Director (Regista del Miglior Film Straniero)
  • Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards 1967 - won Best Director
  • Laurel Awards 1967 - won Sleeper of the Year
  • National Society of Film Critics Awards, USA 1967 - Won Best Film/Won Best Director
  • New York Film Critics Circle Awards 1966 - 3rd place Best Film and Best Director
  • Academy Awards, USA 1967 - Nominated Best Director and Best Writing, Story and Screenplay - Written Directly for the Screen
  • Golden Globes, USA 1967 - Nominated Best English-Language Foreign Film
  • BAFTA Awards 1968: Nominated Best British Art Direction (Colour), Nominated Best British Cinematography (Colour), Nominated Best British Film


About the film

Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
Country: UK, Italy, USA
Year: 1966
Duration: 111 mins