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web chinas van goghs

English/Chinese with English/Thai subtitles

20 July 2017 13 August 2017

Directors Haibo and Kiki Tianqi Yu, the father-daughter team, followed one of the painters, Xiaoyong Zhao. He and his family have painted around 100,000 Van Goghs. After all these years, Zhao feels a deep affinity with Van Gogh. Having never seen van Gogh’s original paintings, Zhao’s biggest dream is to travel to Amsterdam to see the works of his legendary associate. After struggling and saving, he fulfils dream. In Europe, his encounter with van Gogh’s paintings brings an epiphany. Although dejected at the revelation, Zhao is inspired by van Gogh’s paintings and the hardships he suffered, and resolves to dedicate himself to his own original art, searching for his own authentic voice in order to be true to the spirit of his hero and mentor – Vincent Van Gogh.

China’s van Goghs not only presents how this painter pursues his dream, but also tells the human story of challenge and struggle during the journey, emblematic of the journey that China is going through from ‘made in China’ to ‘Created in China’.

“The film portrays a personal struggle in contemporary China that is not about money or status, but rather about existence and meaning. Xiaoyong’s passion borders an obsession. “ Modern Times

Festivals and Awards

  • International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Panorama Section, November 2016 (World Premiere)
  • Helsinki Documentary Film Festival DocPoint, January 2017
  • Thessaloniki Film Festival, February 2017
  • UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, March 2017
  • The 48th Vision Du Reel, Competition section, April 2017
  • TRT Documentary Awards, May 2017

Director: Yu Haibo, Yu Tianqi Kiki
Country: China, Netherlands
Duration: 80 mins
Year: 2016

Screens with short film The Red Rice Mill, directed by Ryan Anderson in Cooperation with Songkhla Heritage Society & OXLAE