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Comrad Kim Goes Flying

Thai Premiere

22 September 2016 8 September 2016

Korean with English and Thai subtitles.

Plays with short film Every Little Thing's Gonna be Alright directed by Natthaphon Sukhuprakan. 2016, 10 minutes.

Comrade Kim Yong Mi is a North Korean coal miner. Her dream of becoming a trapeze artist is crushed by the arrogant trapeze star Pak Jang Phil who believes miners belong underground and not in the air.

Comrade Kim goes Flying is a heartwarming story of trying to make the impossible possible.

Comrade Kim goes Flying is North Korea’s first “girl power” movie and the story of a girl reaching for her own dream and carving out her own future.

Cheerfully smashing perceptions of North Korea as a shuttered nation, Comrade Kim Goes Flying proves that cooperation with the West really is possible, at least in cinema. A candy-hued throwback to a chirpy Technicolor time when pluck wins out and “postmodern” wasn’t yet invented, this “let’s put on a show!” tale of a young woman miner’s dream of becoming an acrobat has been winning hearts since preeming at Toronto ... "Comrade Kim" has the makings of a cult heroine on college campuses and targeted arthouses.  Variety

The film is all about pursuing one's dreams, and the message that "wherever we are, we all have dreams" comes through loud and clear. — Twitch Film



Director: Nicholas Bonner, Anja Daelemans, Gwang Hun Kim
Writers: Sin Myong-Sik, Kim Chol
Country: North Korea, UK, Belgium
Duration: 81 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2013