German Film Week 2019

10 July 201914 July 2019

German with English/Thai subtitles

All tickets 100 THB

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Special Edition with Guest Films from Austria, France, Israel & Switzerland

The German Film Week is back, bringing an excellent and very diverse selection of German language films to our Bangkok audience.

This year’s films have all been shown at festivals and received multiple awards. In collaboration with our partners, Austria, France, Israel & Switzerland, we are proud to present: “All about me” / “Der Junge muss an die frische Luft” (German Film Award), “Gundermann” (German Film prize winner in six categories), “Egon Schiele: Death And The Maiden” / “Egon Schiele: Tod und Mädchen” (Luxembourg Film Award), “Supa Modo” (Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award),, “The Cakemaker” / “Der Kuchenmacher” (Israeli Film Academy award winner in seven categories), “Atlas” (Emden International Film Festival), “Der junge Karl Marx” / “The Young Karl Marx”, “Systemsprenger” / “System Crasher” and “Heidi”.

In addition to our feature films, two documentaries broaden our perspective on controversial topics: “The Cleaners” (Docudays UA International Documentary Human Rights Film Festival) and “Life in Stills” / “Leben in Bildern”.

This year’s event is bigger than ever before. 8 different venues around town offer a relaxed cinema experience, guaranteed to appeal to all film enthusiasts: the Bangkok Screening Room, the Documentary Film Club in Warehouse 30, Alliance Française, Changchui Creative Park, the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand (FCCT), Cinema Oasis, the Thai Film Archive and the Goethe-Institut Auditorium.

For the first time, the FCCT and the Thai Film Archive will both host special screenings of “Life in Stills / Leben in Bildern”, “The Cleaners”, “Supa Modo”, “All about me” / “Der Junge muss an die frische Luft” “Atlas” and “Gundermann”. Screenings take place on 15.07 and from 27.07 - 29.07

We are delighted to accompany you on a cinematic journey through the world of German language cinema and are confident that this edition of the German Film Week will leave us all with lasting impressions and a deeper insight into other cultures.

Tickets can be purchased directly at the screening venues. Tickets are 100 THB for all venues except the screenings at the Goethe-Institut and Changchui with free admission. All films will be screened with Thai and English subtitles.

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Films at Bangkok Screening Room


Image: ©235 Film Tobias von dem Borne

Wednesday 10 July 19:30

60-year-old Walter is a furniture packer for forced evictions. He is the most loyal tug Walter's boss Roland Grone has in his forwarding business. Walter ignores the pain the backbreaking job causes him, as well as the suffering of the people in whose privacy he invades on a daily basis. Grone is planning a risky real estate deal with the help of a dodgy family clan. An old building should be rented out and sold at a high price. But: The last tenant refuses to move out. Walter believes the tenant is his son whom he deserted decades ago and never saw since. Without revealing himself to him, Walter approaches his son Jan and his family cautiously. As he realizes how unpredictable the men are, Grone has engaged with, Walter is increasingly under pressure. (filmportal)

“ATLAS is a fascinating cinematic journey through German reality – across a world, where money and violence rule, where apartments are objects of speculation and people’s lifes are destroyed. Additionally, this absolutely lovely drama surprises with a hopeful end.”
Kieler Nachrichten / Ernst Corinth

Germany, 100 min, 2018 Director: David Nawrath. With Rainer Bock, Albrecht Abraham Schuch, Thorsten Merten


Supa Modo

gfw 2019 supa
Image ©One Fine Day Films

Thursday 11 July 19:00

Nine-year-old Jo loves action films and dreams of being a superhero. Her greatest wish is to make a film herself and star in it. In her world of fantasy, she forgets that she is terminally ill. When Jo's sister can no longer bear seeing the cheerful girl spend her precious remaining time in bed, she encourages Jo to believe in her magic powers and calls on the whole village to help make Jo’s dream become a reality.

This touching drama by Kenyan filmmaker Likarion Wainaina was created as part of a master class hosted by the German-Kenyan production collective One Fine Day Films/Ginger Ink. It is about the power of imagination and an unusual way of saying farewell. (Berlinale)

“Supa Modo is literally a super hero picture, which never succumbs to over-sentimental farewell scenes. The super powers of this movie lie in its ability to believe that phantasy is all powerful and everlasting - unshakeable, even by death” (kino-zeit)

Germany, Kenia, 74min, 2017-2018, Director: Likarion Wainaina, With Stycie Waweru, Nyawara Ndambia, Marrianne Nungo.


System Crasher (Systemsprenger)

gfw 2019 system crasher
Image © kineo Film, Weydemann Bros., Yunus Roy Imer

Friday 12 July 20:00

Benni, a sensitive but impetuous young girl, is a “System Crasher”. That is what they call kids who break all the rules, consistently refuse structures and who are shuttled from one care home to another exhausting all the opportunities German Child- and Youth Care has to offer. No matter where the nine-year-old gets a placement, she is expelled again in no time. But that is exactly what she intends to achieve since she wants to live with her own mother again - a woman, who is ill-equipped and unable to cope with her daughter’s unpredictable behavior. This is a very intense drama about a child who has an inherent potential for violence but also a wild longing for love and protection. The film also shows the relentless attempts of carers and psychologists who try to create a promising perspective for those children through respect and trust and by placing confidence in kids who are threatening to destroy themselves and others with their damaging outbursts. (Berlinale-Cataloge)

The actors are fantastic, especially the little lead actress, Helena Zengel. In one particular scene, she sends out a repetitive, heart-rending scream of “Mamaa! Mamaa! Mamaa!” which echoes out over the moor bringing not only the actress to tears, but also the hardened film critics at the Berlinale Palace. (Spiegel)

Germany, 119min, 2017-2019, Director: Nora Fingscheidt, With Helena Zengel, Albrecht Schuch, Gabriela Maria Schmeide


The Cleaners

gfw 2019 cleaners
Image © gebrueder beetz filmproduktion

Saturday 13 July 20:00

Documentary about the work of so-called “Content Moderators”; people who monitor the content of networks like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, removing offensive texts, videos or pictures where appropriate. This task has developed into an industry of its own with its headquarters in Manila. In ten-hour shifts, tens of thousands of people spend their working day searching for and deleting “forbidden” content such as : excessive violence, pornography and anti-constitutional content. The selection criteria and standards of these mostly U.S. American companies are, however, kept secret. The movie portrays five such moderators who, in their quest to protect website users, are fully exposed to the distressing content themselves. There is no prior training for the job and no psychological counseling worthy of mention. At the same time, the film aims to show how rapidly false news and hatred gain influence and stir people up when disseminated on social networks. (filmportal)

A documentary as exciting as a thriller and as scary as a horror movie. (Antje Wessels)

Germany, Brazil, 88 Min, 2017, Directors: Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck, Documentary.



gfw 2019 gundermann
Image © Peter Hartwig Pandora Film

Gundermann tells the story of a mining machine operator/ songwriter. Gundermann is, however, also a poet, a clown and an idealist. He dreams, hopes, loves and fights. He is a spy that is spied upon. A starry-eyed idealist, who knows no better. A torn man.

Gundermann is both a love and music film, a drama about blame and entanglement, a story about repression and surrender.

Gundermann is also a film about home and homeland. It takes a new look at a country which is no longer. And it is not too late for that. (Pandora Film)

A clever, sincere and very moving music film about a life with all its ideals, entanglements and disappointments. It is time we saw more movies like this about the GDR. (radio eins)

6 German film awards in 2019: best picture, best director, best leading actor, best script, best production design and best costume.

Germany, 127 min, Director: Andreas Dresen, feature Film with Alexander Scheer, Anna Unterberger, Benjamin Kramme.