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"A smart, sexy and heartbreaking drama that reminds us that coming out is very different for everyone." ARTSATL

27 December 2018 —  16 January 2019

German with Thai/English subtitles.

BFI Flare Film Festival Official Selection 2018




For the first time in his life, Mario is in love. With Leon, his new teammate from Germany, who is a striker as well. The question is: Who will make it onto the first club team? The two players’ feelings for each other do not go unnoticed in the club, and the rumor mill starts to turn. Mario sees his career as a professional soccer player in danger, but he does not want to lose Leon. Not for anything in the world. He needs to make a decision.

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About the film

Director: Marcel Gisler
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2018
Duration: 119 mins