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Michelin Stars: Tales from the Kitchen

Chefs Daniel Humm, Rene Redzepi, Yoshimi Tanigawa, Guy Savoy, Andoni Aduriz and others reveal the toll it takes to achieve the food world’s highest honor.

19 January 2018 13 February 2018

English/Japanese with Thai subtitles
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At a moment in time, when humanity is obsessed with food – photographing every dish, worshipping cooks and flaunting trophy meals on social media, this documentary goes under the surface and offers an in-depth, honest and relevant view into the world and every day of Michelin chefs and restaurants. Telling tales from a grand menu of culinary temples as well as digging into the greatness and flaws of Guide Michelin in this golden age of gastronomy.



About the film

Director: Rasmus Dinesen
Country: Denmark
Year: 2017
Duration: 81 mins
Short Film: Jour de Gloires by Ed Sayers