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Mon-rak Transistor


"Wonderful, and one of a kind." - Time Out

10 July 2018 22 July 2018

Thai with English subtitles



Pan is an upcountry dimwit who loves to sing, whenever possible. He is always there on stage as the lead singer of his local band. After marrying Sadao, his love at first sight, Pan gets drafted into the army, where he wins a singing contest there, he decides to chase his dream by joining a famous band from Bangkok. His new life is far from being exciting until he becomes a one night star. But Pan has soon to flee and hide in a sugar-cane plantation, since he accidentally killed the band’s manager. But non-stop misfortune still chases him, like a shadow, ending with another crime; theft. Pan ends up in prison. It has been years since he left Sadao. This is the first time he has stopped running and had time to think. He misses the simple upcountry life in a tiny house near the canal where a sound from a small transistor can bring happiness. But most of all he misses is Sadao, his true love, and the baby whom he has never seen just once.



About the film

Director: Pen-ek Ratanaruang
Country: Thailand
Year: 2001
Duration: 129 mins
Short Film: TBC