Operation Revenge

"Thai-style espionage adventure has a distinctive, spoof-like flavour." - Kong Rithdee (Bangkok Post)

18 October 201927 October 2019


Thai with English subtitles


In this classic Thai thriller Operation Revenge, an ex-cop goes rogue and sets out to hunt down a ruthless drug cartel, even though it goes against his professional conduct. Meanwhile, the beautiful daughter of the ringleader who was killed in an internal feud has returned to Thailand from Hong Kong to take revenge on her father. She teamed up with the ex-cop to pursue the crafty villain of the local opium trade, while an anti-narcotic detective sent by the government also joins the fray.

In 2017, the Film Archive digitalized the preserved 35 mm. positive print and did cleaning and color grading referring to the original release.


About the film

Director: Ubol Yugala
Country: Thailand
Year: 1967
Duration: 140 mins


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