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santi vina poster

Thai with English subtitles

5 March 2017 22 March 2017

Santi-Vina (1954) is the first Thai feature film shot in color 35 mm and also the first Thai feature film to win international recognition. It won 3 awards from the Film Festival in Tokyo. For a long time, the original materials of Santi-Vina were considered lost. But in 2014, the original negative was discovered in the British Film Institute and release prints were also found at the China Film Archive and at the Gosfilmofond in Russia. The restoration work was carried out at L' Immagine Ritrovata film restoration laboratory in Bologna and was completed in 2016 and will be premiered in Cannes Classic 2016


Director: Thavi Na Bangchang
Country: Thailand
Duration: 114 minutes
Year: 1954