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“Silence is Martin Scorsese's best film in 20 years.” Cinema Scope

1 March 2018 18 March 2018

English/Japanese with Thai/English subtitles


Martin Scorsese's SILENCE tells the story of two Christian missionaries (Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver) who face the ultimate test of faith when they travel to Japan in search of their missing mentor (Liam Neeson) - at a time when Christianity was outlawed and their presence forbidden. The celebrated director's 28-year journey to bring Shusaku Endo's 1966 acclaimed novel to life will be in theaters this Christmas.

“Like a true religious experience, you will be in awe of what you've witnessed.” Cut Print Film

“Silence is a monumental achievement in Scorsese's career, a project three decades in development, and his passion shows. It's the unofficial conclusion of Scorsese's theological trilogy.” Tampa Bay Times



About the film

Director: Martin Scorsese
Country: USA
Year: 2016
Duration: 161 mins
Short Film: TBA