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Slideshow Evening & Bar 21 Screening

A special evening with slideshow, talk, exhibition and film screening.

20 December 2018 19:00

English with Thai subtitles


Bangkok cinephiles and architecture buffs are invited to Bangkok Screening Room for an evening of film and photography with Philip Jablon, principal of the Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project. For one night only, Philip will be giving a virtual tour of vintage stand-alone movie theaters in Thailand, Burma and Laos. His slideshow presentation will explore the rich architectural heritage of movie theaters the region, as well as details of Jablon’s many adventures documenting them over the past 10 years.

The presentation will be followed by a one-off screening of the Thai social realist drama “The Angel of Bar 21” (1978).

A portion of all ticket sales from this event will go towards the production of a documentary film about Mr. Jablon’s work, scheduled to begin shooting in January 2019.

phil headshotAbout Philip Jablon

Philip Jablon has been documenting stand-alone movie theaters throughout Southeast Asia since 2008. His archive currently stands at over three-hundred recorded sites, representing the most comprehensive collection of movie theaters in the region. He’s been the recipient of multiple grants, including from The Jim Thompson Foundation and Thai Film Archive. His 2018 Myanmar Theater Survey was sponsored by Mingalar Cinemas, Myanmar’s largest theater chain. 

In addition to photography, Mr. Jablon writes about movie theaters, both on his personal blog – The Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project – as well as for regional and international publications, usually advocating for their preservation. He also makes films about them.

His first book, “Thailand’s Movie Theaters: Relics, ruins and the romance of escape” will be published River Books in 2019.

Mr. Jablon splits his time between his home town of Philadelphia, PA and Chiang Mai.


Bar 21 PosterBar 21

Linda, an escort girl at the Bar 21 was an eye witness of a murder case committed by Thanong’s brother. Thanong was the guy she was having a good feeling with him. She was then brought to a situation which she had to make the decision. What would be her faith; the Truth or the Love?

Director: Yutthana Mukdasit
Country: Thailand
Duration: 135 minutes
Year: 1979