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Someone from Nowhere
มา ณ ที่นี้

"Prabda Yoon delivers suspense with a surreal touch in this gripping domestic psychodrama" - Variety

23 August 2018 15 September 2018

Thai with English subtitles

toky ff



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At the break of dawn, a twenty-something woman named Napatsorn wakes up in room 22 of a luxurious condominium. She enjoys her morning routines: a brief stretching exercise down in the garden, a refreshing swim in the pool, a healthy breakfast, and having a phone conversation with her mother. Her best friend is expected to come over to spend the night. Everything seems to be going well as Napatsorn gets ready to leave for work.

As soon as she opens her front door, however, things start to take a different turn. Napatsorn is shocked to find an injured man lying unconscious on the floor. She hurries to contact the management office for help, but situation soon becomes more intense and disconcerting as Napatsorn realizes that the man has somehow entered her place and now making himself comfortable on her sofa. He seems fatigued yet able to function. The man asks for water, and when Napatsorn starts questioning him about how he ended up at her door, the conversation eventually reveals the man’s intention: he has come to reclaim ownership of the place.

Napatsorn, insisting that the unit is hers, thinks that the man is crazy, but she becomes increasing distraught and confounded when he appears to be familiar with various aspects of the place, things she never knew about. What’s more troubling, Napatsorn can’t find any proof that she owns the place at all.

Napatsorn calls the police. The mysterious man continues to pressure her to admit to imposture. The tension escalates to violence when the man decides to pull himself up to confront Napatsorn more closely. Death may be necessary in a place where delusion reigns.



About the film

Director: Prabda Yoon
Country: Thailand
Year: 2017
Duration: 88 mins
Short Film: TBC