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poster rose hartman

English with Thai subtitles

Screens with short film I'd Fuck Me, directed by Prempapan Plittapolkranpim.

  • Friday 30 June, 4.15pm
  • Saturday 1 July, 1.45pm
  • Sunday 2 July, 6.45pm
  • Tuesday 4 July, 6.45pm
  • Wednesday 5 July, 9.00pm
  • Thursday 6 July, 6.15pm
  • Friday 7 July, 4.15pm
  • Saturday 8 July, 11.15am
  • Saturday 8 July, 9.00pm
  • Sunday 9 July, 4.15pm
  • Tuesday 11 July, 4.15pm
  • Wednesday 12 July, 6.45pm
  • Friday 14 July, 9.00pm
  • Saturday 15 July, 6.45pm
  • Sunday 16 July, 11.15am
  • Tuesday 18 July, 9.00pm
  • Thursday 20 July, 9.00pm
  • Saturday 22 July, 1.45pm
  • Sunday 23 July, 6.45pm

Rose Hartman, 80, doesn't let much get in the way of whatever fashion show or opening she wants to shoot. She’s been called a lot of names but irascible best defines the woman whose sharp eye and sharper elbows have defined the New York City social scene for decades. In the 70s she lay in wait at Studio 54 for stars like Mick and Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol. Later she pioneered the backstage workings of 7th Ave., making quick fans of Donna Karan and Carolina Herrera. But does Rose simply work a room, or is she working to belong? 

Festivals and Awards

  • SXSW Film Festival (World Premiere)

  • DOC NYC Official Selection

  • HotDOCS (International Premiere)

  • SaMo Indie (Honourable Mention)

  • Grand River Film Festival (Official Selection)

  • San Diego Film Festival (Official Selection)

  • Providence Art & Design Film Festival (Official Selection)

  • Jacksonville Documentary Film Festival (Official Selection)

  • NiFF Houston International Film Festival (Official Selection)

  • Portland Film Festival (Official Selection)

  • Cape Cod International Film Festival (Official Selection)

  • San Diego Jewish Film Festival (Official Selection)


Director: Otis Mass
Country: USA
Duration: 71 mins
Year: 2016