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The Music Room

“Masterpiece” - The AV Club

13 September 2018 23 September 2018

Bengali with Thai/English subtitles





With The Music Room (Jalsaghar), Satyajit Ray brilliantly evokes the crumbling opulence of the world of a fallen aristocrat (the beloved actor Chhabi Biswas) desperately clinging to a fading way of life. His greatest joy is the music room in which he has hosted lavish concerts over the years—now a shadow of its former vivid self. An incandescent depiction of the clash between tradition and modernity, and a showcase for some of India’s most popular musicians of the day, The Music Room is a defining work by the great Bengali filmmaker.



About the film

Director: Satyajit Ray
Country: India
Year: 1958
Duration: 95 mins
Short Film: TBC