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Hindi with Thai and English subtitles

18 April 2017 23 April 2017

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Presented to celebrate Reel Canada National Film Day and Canada’s 150th Confederation.

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Following the sudden and unexpected death of her husband, a widowed child bride lashes out against her fate in the Hindu ashram where she is expected to atone for her sins in this humanistic drama, the third instalment of filmmaker Deepa Mehta's Elemental Trilogy. Chuyia's (Sarala) husband has died, and religious doctrine dictates that she now retire to an ashram to atone for the sins that caused her husband's untimely death. As Chuyia bides her time among widows both young an old -- some accepting of their fate and some bitterly resentful -- the preadolescent widow's spirit remains unbroken and hopeful for a brighter future.

  • Best Picture:  2006 Bangkok Film Festival
  • Nominated for Best Foreign Picture 2006 Academy Awards 
  • Canadian Screen Awards: Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score
  • National Board of Review: Top 5 Foreign Language Films, NBR Freedom of Expression Awards
  • New York Film Critics Online: Top 10 Films, NYFCO Humanitarian Award
  • Oslo Films from the South Festival: Best Silver Mirror Feature Film hey
  • San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival: Best Narrative Audience Award

"Deepa Mehta’s Water is a magnificent film. The ensemble acting of the women in the widows’ hostel is exceptional: intimate, painful, wounded, jaundiced, corrupted, tender, tough."  — Salman Rushdie

“Water combines a humanist message, political courage and visual poetry in a way not seen since the death of Satyajit Ray. It is the finest Indian film for a generation.”  — The Economist

Director: Deepa Mehta
Country: Canada, India
Duration: 117 minutes
Year: 2005